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Mar. 23rd, 2008

I haven't posted in 57 weeks

So why start again?

I'm bored, it's 3AM, and I need a place to put my mental diarrhea.

Here's a list of things you shouldn't say to girls:

"You're looking good"
"You're not looking good"
"I like that dress on you"
"That other dress is nicer"
"I'll screw you, just let me finish this video game"
Anything about your sister
"You're a whore"
"I have a girlfriend"
"I don't have a girlfriend"
"I might have a girlfriend"
"I haven't been avoiding you"
"I've been avoiding you"
"I have serious skills"
"...in bed"
"I thought you were on the pill"
"I'll just put the tip in, just to see how it feels"
Anything at all, if you're currently at DOM
"Tag!!!!! You have Gonorrhea!"

Anything else is pretty much fair game.
Except the one.

Feb. 11th, 2007

Nothing To Say



Jan. 29th, 2007


g i 99
t 42 x

adde i t

gr 12

7 uip 64



Jan. 21st, 2007

Dream a Dream a Dream a Dream

Introduce your neighbor to your savior!

Do you remember when you lost your mind? When you're out searching for it, can you look for mine as well? I lost it so long ago, that I almost forget what it's like to have one. I feel like I'm typing in circles on a non-dimensional keyboard that spurrs and whizzes and jumps and runs and screams in Latin at me. I don't know what it's saying, so I try to fight it with my mouse but it can type and I can't. So I have to highlight and right-click copy and right-click paste. It's so hard but if I try I can form sentences but the keyboard keeps winning and it fights me and I fight it and I don't know what's going on until... BOOM!

There's a huge explosion and my computer breaks for the 578th time and then I finally get frustrated and listen to Jackson 5, those sweet little children crooning about love songs. Then they grow up and all become psychotic, but it was great while it lasted - does the end justify the means!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Just call my name, and a I'll be there.

I make blogging so completely pointless. None of my posts are coherent, and they never will be. So if you read this, I have a question for you: WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?

Jan. 17th, 2007


Rule #1: Whatever you do, do it with style.
Rule #2: Presence is the absence of definition.
Rule #3: Rule number two says more than you can possibly imagine.

Jan. 15th, 2007

I still like Spaghetti

It is still very delicious.


Jan. 4th, 2007

I like Spaghetti

It is tasty and extremely delicious.

Dec. 29th, 2006

Thinking Thoughtful Thoughts

The cataclysm brought forth a renegade, one who thought he had it made
Brewed from a fire burning bright, this man couldn't tell wrong from right
He could not suffer - he didn't know it, it would touch him but he could not show it
He had none of our pros but none of our cons, and reset with history its broken bonds
He was showered by a stream of a righteous spree, if only he had eaten an apple of the tree
He missed the fruit of the tree of knowledge, and in return he never felt the magic of college
For his justice required a sword of flame, and ferocity had lost him his name
But he wasn't an angel - he wasn't that poetic, wild exorcisms of truth weren't his totemic
It turns out that he had no meaning, he was a conflagration of experiment; something demeaning
Out of void he showed up without warning, his creator was unknown and his intention seemed warming
We found out he was a savant of the mystic, and anywhere he walked he was seen a misfit
In truth and lies he finally dwelled, until the two into one swelled
He was cast out and he was accepted, yet for him no monument was erected
Only in the mind was he really remembered, but there he stayed for an eternity surrendered
Earth was not his physical home - it had no more mystery, what was unknown was the stars' history
So he departed to find out where he came from, got stuck in the juxtaposition when loopholes come
A big arching sweep to come back to where he started, even though "home is where the heart is"
Then he realized his heart was nowhere, he couldn't have a home that was ultimately there
So he did all he could; he changed the world, society and culture around him curled
After he left again everybody looked at the sky, none of their spirits would ever get as high

Dec. 19th, 2006

Hit Me With It

Some songs are so good that they just move you in a way you don't understand.
(The Train, Life is a Musical, Crush)

I think those songs are the reason for Summer in the Winter.
Or maybe it's global warming.
Argh, who the heck knows, I just wanna go home.

Don't let 'em change us change us change us change us.

Now life is a musical!

Dec. 15th, 2006

Do You Remember the Snowman Named Coco?

Bobo was the other one. Hmm...


Who is the lost one, and why should he let go in order to get one?
Or lose some to win some?
And why is he a champion?

It's not really a good song, but it's a real song.
(Sorry, he's a champion...)

You made Hov? Okay, so, make another Hov.

Dec. 14th, 2006

Let's sneak away

It's amazing how much stuff people can dish out when they can't take it themselves.

Dec. 11th, 2006

A Can of Black Spraypaint...

When I looked backwards in time, all I saw was a mirror. Aged complexities rampaged through my mind, drifting on the air like a pleasant dream. And I understood them. But you don't.

A world is a simple thing, you know. A world is something close to spherical, existing and travelling according to gravitational laws. But a WORLD is something beyond that. A WORLD is fantasy-ridden reality, colors talking in rhyme, speaking to the blind, dizzying rationality with requiem. It's a soothing yet harsh environment, created by the people in the world. It is a state of mind, and I love mind-states. A world is something that speaks to the soul. That's my world.

So when you say words around me, I don't hear the world. I hear the story behind the word. I hear the things you meant to say and the things you didn't mean to say. I hear you so perfectly and so incorrectly that only my subconscious really knows what the heck you're talking about. The rest of me, however, just doesn't respond. I kind of make sense now, don't I?

Dec. 6th, 2006

Let's Go Underneath The Mistletoe

So today I looked up at the Boston sky, and I saw one star. I opened my mouth and said something that surprised myself. I said to the star, "I may never visit you, but my descendants will, I promise." I had a sly conniving smile on my face, and I realized that at that moment, I was more myself than I've ever been before.

Dec. 5th, 2006

An Epiphany

I flew over streams of boundless energy
Found the light that came on into me
From so high up I could see what the sun could see
Never thought that I would be what the sun would be
For forever and a day I felt my heart linger
But forever ends today and now my soul's a singer
Signer for the world, for the fame and for the action
But it sings for violence too, that's so lame, where's the satisfaction?
Never cheating, never studying, never fighting, never passive
Always subtle, always keen, always relentless, these words seem massive.
Like the weight of the world, this feels like pain lives on my shoulder
But when music dies all I can do is hold ya'.
That's why music won't die, it'll live through me
Seems like I don't even know ya'; I'll be all that I can be.
You'll be less than that, and for you I'm weepin'
You might not see it but trust me, these eyes are leakin'
I'm weak and although I may appear to be strong
My heart tells me every single day that I'm wrong.

Nov. 28th, 2006

Crazy How It Feels Tonight

I was playing with Trip's wee yesterday. I looked at it and it was beautiful. It was so big and hard in my hand, and the movements I could make with it were amazing. He didn't mind, I think he actually enjoyed watching me play with his wee. And I played with it a long time. I felt it and caressed it and I just sat back in my chair. I felt like I could do anything. Trip's wee just provided some sort of comfort I couldn't get anywhere else. Everything about that time was perfect. I love Trip's wee. I want to play with his wee again and again and again and again until there's nothing left. Trip's wee is amazing.

Oh wait, I think I spelled 'wee' wrong. I think I meant "Wii".
Yeah, now that I think about it, I definitely meant "Wii".
I named my Epona "Pwny".

Nov. 27th, 2006

In The Desert Blooms a Flower

They say you never know what you got 'til it's gone.

This statement has been so false my entire life that it has made it true to an extent I'll never be able to comprehend. I've always been content with the physical things I've had. I never really wanted more than what I had at the moment, and that's pretty much still true. However, it is the emotional things I see now that I haven't noticed before. Someone bowed to a deck of cards, and I shed a tear as the two of spades fell to the ground. What did I see that no one else saw? I saw the rise and fall of a nation. I saw the spirit drenched in echoes of an infatuation that I had once. I never strayed beyond any given parameter, but I crossed the line a few times. I sang with the birds, and my mind flew away with them as they migrated for the changing seasons. I walked for hundreds of miles while my body sat in a chair, listening to that one song on repeat.

I miss the iconoclastic idealism I've always had. I miss it a lot. To be naive is like worshipping an angry man's diatribe but not understanding it. It's like throwing a trident at a brick wall, and then watching the cascade of magic flow from the top to bottom. Inside of me, I close my eyes, open my mind, and I can fly. In reality, I close my mind, open my eyes, and I can't get off the ground. It's the twelfth final reality and it's killing me.

I had the CRAZIEST dream. I was in a duck school (a school for ducks) when a comet crashed and we had to study it. Everybody was weird towards me cause I was not a duck, I was a rabbit. I was the only rabbit in duck school. But anyway, we studied the comet which fortuantely didn't cause any global disasters at all. It was made of chocolate and candy. Everybody else was a duck so they didn't want any. I was a rabbit so I didn't want any either. We threw it away. The next day it rained Gatorade. Rain. It rained Gatorade Rain. Five of the ducks just stared at the rain and one of them said "Well this is weird." I was like "Yeah my dreams usually are weird." Then I woke up because I realized it was a dream. I was so confused that I ran to my computer and typed this. Oh yeah, somewhere in that dream I play Nintendo Wii and somewhere else in that dream I transmogrify (C&H) into a Space Cowboy.

He wanted to see her in a hazy afternoon in May.
She didn't want to see him at all.
And their love died.

Nov. 25th, 2006

Fantaisie Impromptu

Oh my gosh Thanksgiving was awesome. Awesome! My cousins got a dog, and I was contemplating stealing it. But I didn't. Instead, I just mastered imagination to duplicate the errant wonder that filled me; I no longer want to run away.

The other day I stared into an empty space. I saw a dynasty. I saw rows of long-dead kings, parading in masks of their countries. I saw bounty hunters and creativity. I saw paintings and sculptures, and other masterpieces, the likes of which have never been seen before. I also heard an empty sound. Brazen sonatas and orchestrated jazz soothed -- it was wild, I knew the order of chaos. Gershwin would have been put to shame. I tasted nothing, and the cacophony of pride filled my mouth, soaring beauty confined into a discrete space. I toasted the air, and smelled the smell of nothing. I was in a rose garden.

Beauty never fails, beauty of the mind.
I won't fail until my imagination dies.
Never again.

Nov. 20th, 2006

Compaq Made a Mistake

Every HP computer ever made ever in the history of ever is nothing more than a pile of mechanical garbage. As you all probably already know, over the 2+ years I've had this computer, every internal part has broken individually. The motherboard fried twice. The hard drive got screwed (and GT with it ASODGHASKDGHASLDHG) The CD rom drive doesn't play CD roms anymore, it just takes up space. And my current RAM chips are the 4th and 5th ones I've had. The first 3 have been corrupted. BUT! Me and my computer have come to a compromise. So far my computer has worked for three weeks straight (a record) without any problems. As long as I run Linux and don't do anything except open Firefox and GAIM, I seem to have no problems.

Kyle, why are you running Linux?
The answer, of course, is because I'm smooth like a bowl of cherries.
I'm fly like a pack of wolves.
I'm nice like a desert creature.
I'm cool like the ink inside a pen.

The actual reason is this: So like 5 months ago, I turn on my computer and get this message. HARD DRIVE FAILURE IS IMMINENT. BACK UP YOUR FILES IMMEDIATELY, OR BE A STUPID CRACKHEAD AND LET ALL OF YOUR POINTLESS NONSENSE DISAPPEAR. I called HP, and after avoiding their attempts at telling me that my A/C adapter was the problem, they sent me a new hard drive. So while in the process of backing up my files, I see that nothing seems to be wrong. 3 months go by, and I'm still running off of my broke hard drive, which seems not to be broke. So then I get all this inspiration out of nowhere, and I'm like "YES!!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA LEARN LINUX!!!!! I'M GONNA BECOME A HACKER AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!" So I install Linux onto my new hard drive. (HP forgot to put Windows on my new hard drive when they sent it to me. Yep. That wasn't a joke. They actually FORGOT to put Windows on the Hard drive they sent me.) So anyway, I put Linux on. Of course my inspiration fades, and I completely lose the desire to learn how to use Linux. Finally, like a month ago, my old hard drive fails. Apparently "imminent" means four months.

Here it is: I put in my "new" hard drive with the intention of deleting Linux and installing Windows. So I put in my Windows CD and GUESS WHAT. My CD rom drive isn't working. I then proceeded to drop kick my computer so far that I got a field goal, and scored three points. We won, by a score of 22-21.

My computer is so broken that if I press the 'w' key, the CD-rom disc tray opens. When I close it, my computer restarts. And lucky for me, the password to log into my profile has a 'w' in it. Oh little star, how I wonder what you are.

In other news: Where did my baby go? We gotta get another again.

Nov. 16th, 2006

I'd Rule The World

I would try and rule the world, but I'm too lazy. I know I could do it, but I don't really want to.

Oh snap!!! I finally got a wallet that is an actual wallet, not some seventh grade hallucination of a timid wildebeast in a nightmare of roses and daisies screaming "I just wanna be!"

Nov. 14th, 2006

Silly Parading Mascots

Do you suppose? How I can juxtapose what my sister knows with my killer toes? I walk down the rows bleeding through my nose like a fire hose. And all I hear is dancing crows. Maybe I'll find solace in a grove that nobody knows where I can make my own flows. I've had my highs and my lows, but never had any foes.

Never seen a bluer sky.
I'm ascending...

The weather is on crack.

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